Termites strike fear in the hearts of homeowners the world over.
Rightfully so, as every year termite damage every year in America alone costs an estimated $5 billion in repairs. We at Urban Pest Control in Alpharetta look to end your fear. Just think about the money that can be saved with a good termite inspection.

“…Know your enemy and you need not fear a hundred battles.”
– Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The first step to getting rid of termites is understanding your enemy. There are many different species, though we deal with the subterranean kind in Georgia. Subterranean means underground, which is from where these termites come. Subterranean termites have 3 classes: soldiers, breeders, and workers.

Termite Soldiers

termite soldier
termite soldier and workers
termite soldire

Termite Breeders

termite swarmer
dead winged termites
winged termites

Termite Workers

termite worker close up
termite workers
termite workers under attack

Termite “workers” collect food and share it with their colony. They move through tunnels made of mud to protect their pale bodies from the harsh sun and vicious predators. Ants like to break their tunnels and prey on the defenseless workers, so termite “soldiers” protect the workers and repair the tunnels when damaged. The winged termite “breeders” are self-descriptive, and are the most commonly seen form of termite. They do not cause damage themselves, but do alert many homeowners to the presence of termites in the area.

How do I know if I have termites?

Signs of termite damage can be hard to spot for the untrained eye. A subterranean termite infestation can often take more than a year to cause noticeable damage to your home – by which point the colony can be much harder to exterminate. Which leads a lot of homeowners to Google questions like “How do I know if I have termites?” and “What are signs of termites?” If you know what you are looking for, a proper termite inspection can save you thousands of dollars in termite damage. That’s why annual termite inspection is recommended for any homeowner in Georgia. To know what the signs of termites are, you’ll first have to understand what conditions termites look for in a home.

  • Mud Trails
  • Termite workers at the end of a trail
  • Termite hills in the dirt
  • Termite Damage
  • Exposed wood is suspect for termite damage
  • Termite mud trails on wood

It can take more than a year for subterranean termites to cause damage.

Subterranean termites tend to prefer dark places with high moisture -areas of your home like the basement or crawlspace are particularly suspect to show signs of termite activity- that’s one of the reasons they move in tunnels made of dirt. You’ll notice their trails on exposed wood surfaces around the base of your house. Any wood-to-soil contact must be removed, as this makes it easy for termites to eat and travel. It’s very important to make sure that your foundation is properly ventilated, otherwise the moisture will build and termites will find their perfect home, complete with an all-you-can-eat buffet.

The biggest question many people have when it comes to protecting your home against termites is “how much does termite coverage cost?” With most companies the answer is “how much do you want to spend?” At Urban Pest Control termite treatment coverage is included in your twice a year treatment.

It’s important to keep in mind that there are two different types of termite warranty , discussed further in our blog post about the horrors of repair bonds.

Termite bonds can cost upwards of $2000, as most companies try to upsell you on unnecessary treatments.
Urban Pest Control offers twice a year termite inspection and termite treatment coverage absolutely FREE with our general pest control plan.

perimeter termidorperimeter termidor 2
A tech drilling holes for a perimeter termidor treatment
perimeter quartz
A tech laying down a quartz barrier to prevent termites

If left undetected, a termite infestation can grow so large a perimeter termite treatment is required (depicted above). These treatments require individual quotation and generally start around $600. Urban Pest Control guarantees the lowest rate on any termite perimeter treatment. If you find a better quote, bring it to us and we’ll beat it, guaranteed!

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