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Termite Retreatment Coverage Explained

Termite bonds and retreat warranties can be a confusing subject to a lot of homeowners. It doesn’t help that a lot of companies try to upsell you on unnecessary treatments and costly repair bonds.
Urban Pest Control offers FREE termite retreat coverage with our Annual Termite Inspection and general pest control programs. After 25+ years in the business, we’ve found that a good termite inspection and retreat warranty is better for most owners than a typical repair bond. UPC does NOT offer repair coverage.

Every homeowner should have at least one termite inspection a year.

As you may have read, the subterranean termites of Georgia can take up to a year to cause detectable damage to your property. So just to be safe, our Twice a Year program comes with two FREE termite inspections every year, keeping you ahead of any possible termite damage. Not only that, in the event of termite activity; we’ll spot treat the issue absolutely FREE! Scroll down to learn more about our retreat warranty and the difference between the run-of-the-mill repair bond.

understand your termite coverage

Retreat vs repair warranties

A good termite warranty can MAKE or BREAK the selling of your home. Not to worry, our retreatment coverage is transferable to the new owners free of charge. Be sure to check the specific requirements with your realtor as there are two main types of termite bond, explained below:

UPC Retreat Warranty

  • Stay ahead with frequent & thorough inspection
  • Eliminates pointless expenses
  • No unnecessary products
  • No digging up your yard
  • No drilling into your home
  • Saves thousands of $$$
  • Transferable FREE


  • Keep you safe from termites
  • Get rid of active infestations
  • Add value to your home in the event of sale

Termite Repair Bond

  • Like a termite insurance
  • More expensive ($2000+)
  • Covers repairs from termite-caused damage ONLY
  • Must sue to recover expenses
  • Requires perimeter treatment ($600+)
  • Costs 100s to transfer owners

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