with a 90 day satisfaction GUARANTEE.

We are proud to offer the only mosquito treatment in Alpharetta that lasts 90 days.
Our pest control changed the industry. Now we are changing mosquito control in Alpharetta.

Most yards just $150. We’ll email you to confirm.

A different approach to mosquito control in Alpharetta.

You shouldn’t have to schedule your mediocre mosquito service every month.
UPC gives you guaranteed mosquito control for 90 days. We’re so sure that ONE mosquito treatment will keep you mosquito free for 3 months, we guarantee your staisfaction or we’ll come back free of charge. Urban does it right the first time saving you time and money, all summer long.

No Mosquitoes Guaranteed for 3 Months!

  • Lasts 3x longer than the other guy’s
  • Uses 1/3 of the product
  • Costs about half their price.

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