Want a mosquito free home?

Click here to do it the easy way. One treatment lasts the entire 3 months. Most yards just $150. We'll email you to confirm.

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Finally, a Mosquito Treatment that works!

We are the only mosquito service in Atlanta with a 3-month guarantee.
We changed the game with our twice a year pest control service.
Now we can get rid of your mosquitoes all summer.
Our game-changing mosquito control:

  • Uses 1/3 of the product
  • Lasts 3x longer than the other guy's
  • Costs about half their price.

The Only all-summer Mosquito control in alpharetta

We have a different approach to mosquito control. We believe you shouldn't have to schedule your mosquito service twice, three times (or even once!) a month.
Instead off coming back every few weeks and re-doing a mediocre job, we do it right the first time so that you can save time and money, all summer long.
Rest assured, in the off chance there's a problem, we'll handle it free of charge.

No Mosquitoes Guaranteed for 3 Months!