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All our Recurring Pest Control Services come with free termite coverage & unlimited service calls.


one-time payment of $150 covers you for 3 months

Mosquito Control That Lasts All Summer

Twice A Year

The most popular of our industry-changing pest control services. The original treatment plan with UNLIMITED service calls & FREE termite treatment coverage. Save more than half our competitors cost!
6-month coverage for just $140.


For our most proactive customer, or those with extensive active, infestations. Quarterly service also allows for regulated maintenance of bait stations when deemed necessary by our technicians. Call today to get a free quote.
3 mo. coverage starting at $95.

Termite Inspection (ATI/P)

Want to protect your home from termites, but not other pests? ATI/P is perfect for you! This plan is for inspection only, however, it includes FREE termite treatment coverage for the whole year!
$140  annually.

One-Time only pest control services

For pests not covered in our treatment plans, we offer one-time treatment services on a per-pest, per-room basis. Examples include flea, bed bug, or defined soil treatments. All services come with FREE treatment coverage for a minimum of 30 days!
Call today to schedule a free quote.

Buying or selling your home?

The state of Georgia mandates a Wood Infestation Inspection Report (WIIR), also known as a termite letter or clearance letter. We offer retreatment coverage, which is transferable to the new owner free of charge. Extended warranties are also available. Visit our FAQ, or call for more information.

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