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Looking for termite coverage but don’t know where to begin?
No one wants termites eating their house, but you also don’t want to pay thousands for a termite repair bond that does… what, exactly?

At Urban Pest Control in Alpharetta, they won’t try to sell you a $4,000 termite repair bond. They offer unlimited service calls and free termite treatment coverage, at a fraction of their competitors’ price, so you can live pest-free stress-free.

What is termite re-treatment coverage? It means that your home will be inspected for termites with every visit, and if termite activity is found, they’ll treat the problem FREE! Visit our FAQ section for more info.

In the meantime, see this example of a termite repair bond horror story:
“The Orkin Scam” By Jeffrey C. Billman

The Orkin Scam

By Jeffrey C. Billman

Collier Black’s eight-year nightmare began simply enough. In February 1995, he and his wife Peggie discovered a swarm of termites covering a 100-square-foot section of their dining room’s hardwood floor and pouring from a small exit hole in the wall.

Like 100,000 other Florida homeowners with pest or termite problems, Black called Orkin Exterminating Company, Inc. For $3,335, the “Orkin Man” — in this case, sales representative Sidney Goldberg — sold them a termite treatment and a lifetime – repair bond guaranteeing that if termites returned and damaged the Blacks’ home, Orkin would repair the damage for free, provided the Blacks paid the $385 annual fee (it later rose to about $500).

Banking on Orkin’s reputation, Black thought his problems were over. He thought the repair bond was superfluous salesmanship that his family would never need. He was wrong…

Click the above link for the rest of the story, or visit, for more information on the termite industry and “how not to get screwed” by companies looking to make money at the cost of your home & safety.

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