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$ave GREEN with Urban Pest Control


Anyone can say, "you deserve to live pest free." But is paying for pest control worth it? UPC provides the most affordable pest control service in Alpharetta, while utilizing the most effective methods of pest control available. At only $140 for 6 months of general pest control & termite coverage (with free termite inspection), Urban Pest Control costs about 40% of what other guys charge. Our 3-month mosquito treatment is about 1/2 the cost of monthly mosquito services (& it actually works -ahem-).


UPC has single-handedly changed how pest control works. In 1992, most people had quarterly pest control service in Alpharetta, some people even had to schedule their pest control every month (like most mosquito services in Alpharetta today). Needless to say, our customers couldn't believe a pest control treatment would last 6 months. Now, we're changing mosquito control; one Perimeter Deluxe treatment lasts 3 months, guaranteed.


At UPC, we're so committed to being the best pest control service in Apharetta, we guarantee our pest control treatments with unlimited, free service calls for the duration of your service - not that you should need them. If a problem occurs at any point, just give us a call, email - heck, even Facebook us- and we'll use the most effective pest control methods to get rid of household pests,  FREE OF CHARGE (we're really just nerds that love zapping bugs).

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